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You should always "BEE" Marketing.

We Are Your
Marketing Honey Pot

Are you a small business and having trouble establishing a strong online presence? That's where we come in with Bee Marketing Agency.


Our focus:

  • Transforming your website into a dynamic hub for potential & current customers

  • Creating SEO changes within your online presence to drive traffic to you without spending money on ads or fake short term fixes

  • Making your business both appear and STAND OUT in Google search results

  • Additionally, our tailored social media strategies across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok are crafted to not just grow your audience but engage them deeply, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

Our approach is always data-driven and results-focused, allowing us to continuously refine and enhance your online marketing strategies. We are committed to creating content that speaks directly to your target audience and maintaining brand consistency across all digital platforms. By choosing to work with  Bee Marketing Agency, you're not just overcoming current online marketing hurdles; you're investing in the long-term growth and success of your business in the digital world. Let's tackle these challenges together and pave the way for your business's thriving online presence.

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Trey & Hailey Faris, Faris Home Inspections

"Bee Marketing Agency has taken our business to the next level. We own a home inspecting company and were attempting to manage Google on our own. We now pay a third of the price for Google Ads and have tripled our bookings!! Bee Marketing has proven to be an asset to our business over and over again. They are receptive to any new ideas and quickly responds when we need them! BMA is an imperative part of our business and has really taken our company to the next level."

Gianna McLeish, Cheryl's School of Dance

"Bee Marketing Agency has been an absolute game changer for us as a dance studio and we couldn’t be happier! Their expertise, creativity and engaging content allows us to not only connect with our current clientele but expand our bandwidth to potential clients in our surrounding communities. The results are in and we are up over 174% since we have started and it’s only been a few months! We cannot wait to see where she takes our studio in the digital world. Bee Marketing Agency is a total asset to your studio and we couldn’t recommend them more!"

Micheala Renee, Wildflower Salon & Day Spa

"Rachel with BEE joined us to handle our marketing and social media in the midst of a change of ownership - she didn’t bat an eye at all the chaos + changes & in fact, has helped us grow tremendously over the last few months!

Rachel comes equipped with lots of knowledge & experience to help your business grow + thrive. She continually has amazing ideas, as well. She is the contributing factor that sets us as a business apart from the rest! Clients are constantly complimenting how well our social pages & advertising looks!"

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